This past Christmas was our 20th Christmas at Grace….and boy was it a good one, if I do say so myself.  People were pumped because of our savior’s birth and the light he brought into our dark world.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the lighting of the candles at the end of the service symbolizing the light that has come into the world. I want to say thanks to everyone this year for everything you have done for God and Grace and all the time you have put into serving our community.  I had a number of new families come up to me and say that they enjoyed the service and would be back – GO GOD!

Between the 6pm service and the 11pm services I went home to a party with neighbors and friends to share in the festivities of the season.  Sheryl and I are excited to be back in Plano building community with our church family and others who live in our neighborhood.  It’s as we show the love of God to those in our spiritual family that the world come to know of Him.

On Christmas day I had a good time with all of my boys and their wives.  My father-in-law, mom, brother and his girl were all here, which meant we had a full house on Christmas.  We didn’t start Christmas celebrations until 1pm and we finished at 10 that night….. I was one tired puppy, but was glad to be with all of them because you never know what next year will hold.

I have now had some time to rest and am getting ready for the New Year.  I hope your Christmas was a good and your new year will hold many blessing for you.



Note From Sheryl – Dec 11

Appreciate you praying them home.  They have about 27 hrs of flying to get here–if all flights on time, etc., should be in tomorrow between 7-8 p.m. Also George is sick with cold.


Yep….It’s A Cold

Caught a cold that hit me in the voice box the nite of my talk.  Thought it might be allergies but next morning – our last full day here – I  determined it was a full blown cold. We went to orphanages and grave sites and animal reserve and then visit with family until late. We finally got to our room where I started antibiotics. Not a very rest full sleep last nite up off and on.

We are getting ready to start our 40 travels – pray.

December 11

Went to orphanage and cried – it was overwhelming to see so many with AIDS. Zid-am-im-pi-lo. This is an orphanage is a community based one… They are the poorest. … There are 47 of these projects thru ECAP.

There are other orphanages sponsored from USA – kids better off.

Even though they are poor these people are serious about their worship.

Durban, South Africa – Dec 9

Wow. We hit it off great with Albert, Adiel and his wife. They are doing great work and need help. I think they are very open to receiving help from us.  This past week (for the first time in 10 years) they had medical students come to their AIDS outreach with  people to help them around their clinic.  I want our church to be here bad.

We have a full day tomorrow – aids, orphans, poor, soup kitchen, speak at their 10 year anniversary.

We have going for the last 36 hrs with just a 6 hour sleep on plane but not good.

Today we went to the beach called UShara – like Sea world and saw the Indian Ocean. Had lunch with Alberts family at a Christian Restaurant. We are now at the retreat center resting – this is where we will be spending the nites. There are monkeys everywhere at this place. Tonite we will eat dinner at alberts home and then go to prayer mtg. After that back to retreat and sleep.

Dec 9….From Sheryl

George & Dennis got to S. Africa just fine.  I got to talk with them last nite very briefly before the storm hit.  The airline misplaced
their bags on the short flight from Johannesburg to Durbin but George said they would arrive on the next flight which was in an hour. I assume they got them or George probably would have mentioned it the email.

Visit To Leper Colony

The day is not over with….we are going to 1 more church to teach. It will be a late night, but we are going for it.

It was a very emotional day because of going to the leper colony. As far as I am concerned, just going to the leper colony would have been worth this whole trip – just to see all of their face smiling after we left. Truly just our presence communicates God cares. As they took pictures I cried and felt their hurt. We gave rice, 20lb with oil and 2 other liquids. I prayed for Gods blessing on their life. I told them that God had not forgotten them – that is why he sent us to them. When we left they had big smiles on their faces and all together said thank you in English.

Went also to a Bible school in back of a church. They had to sneak us in and out. Saw a girl in Sunday School quoting a whole chapter out of bible. She was about 10 years old. I raised my hand and said hallelujah and they responded.

Attended a church about 30 people – govrt sanctioned…..with kids there are 100 total. They need outside resources of Bible Teaching – like CDs.

The Koreans have had an influence here also.

I hope that our presence alone was enough to know God cares and is aware.

All the people smiled and were very friendly. The “thumbs up” sign seems to be the universal language of – good job, we like it, keep up the good work.

This pastor here lost his first wife 3 yrs ago, but has remarried. He built a church in his home where people can live there in an attic to stay there while going to bible school.

God help me to have a love for your Word as much as I have seen here today. May my lifestyle be one that reflects my heart to reach the world.

Going further out they have good infrastructure….roads, electricity, stop lights. More police outside of city. Drove way out into countryside……dirt road but houses have electricity.

Jesus is the light was the sign at this home church…..are about 30 people who worship here. They listen to a CD from pastor Long and Van’s husband who is from the USA.

We had lunch here. Dennis and I ate about 5 or 6 bites and gave our food to these 3 poor families we visited and prayed for.

Walked a mile thru the jungle to get back to our vehicle. Lots of rubber trees all of them tapped and producing. The French brought them in.